Integration with POKT Network

Taha Abbasi

Ferrum Network is now the proud recipient of a grant from the POKT Network. Ferrum will be bringing their suite of products and services to the POKT ecosystem. Ferrum will help POKT launch wPOKT and allow the POKT token to be interoperable across relevant EVM compatible networks.

This feature request includes dedicated resource working on integration with POKT Network with our Cross-Chain Token Bridge technology.



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Taha Abbasi

After securing support and a grant from POKT, Ferrum Network started working on the integration with POKT network in Q4 of 2022. Ferrum Network is helping with the integration of POKT Network with EVM compatible networks enabling the launch of wPOKT. This integration will make the POKT token interoperable across all relevant EVM Compatible networks, significantly improving access to the POKT token. With the launch of the bridge, users will be able to acquire wPOKT on an EVM compatible network, then bridge it to the POKT Network, where they can set up nodes to help grow the POKT infrastructure.

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Taha Abbasi

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