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Taha Abbasi

This is the first release of a critical component of the Ferrum Network Gateway.

The communityMember role will enable users to create their profile on the leaderboard to be eligible for presales, rewards and crucible initiatives in the future.

Community Engagement and Management for Projects

For projects utilizing the Ferrum Network powered leaderboard service, they can utilize this module to create their own engaging communities and elevate the experience of building something great together for everyone involved.

Beta Testers

Go to the login link provided for Community Member Role testing and test the following:

  1. Create account flow
  2. Wallet authentication flow
  3. Login flow
  4. Access to Multi-Token leaderboard for FRM and FRMx on BSC

How To Give Feedback: 📝

We would love to hear your feedback. Make sure to include these things for providing any bug reports and requests.

  1. Browser
  2. Screen size (Desktop, HD, Tablet, Mobile)
  3. Screen recording (if possible)
  4. Screenshot (if possible)

Report any feedback in a reply to this post. Please use screen recording tools such as Screen Cast O Matic or include screen shots with your reports and feedback. Please also include the details regarding your device and relevant information requested above.


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1. Brave
2. 13.3", MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

The whole process worked nicely and w/o any issues. In detail:
1. Creating an account: Nice and clean look and feel, account setup incl. authentication by email went well
2. My two wallets have been connected.
3. Login worked w/o issues
4. Access seems to work. The results are displayed quickly. Search function works even with parts of the address which was not possible earlier as I remember. Unfortunately my wallets don't contain any Frm. Then I bought some with both wallets. They still don't show the FRM after 30 min. I'll giving it some more time.


Taha Abbasi

Hi Volker,

Thank you for the feedback. Can you share the wallet address you tested with?


John York

Leaderboard not showing. I'm using Brave w/ 2021 MacBook Pro.


John York

Interesting, I'm currently in Mexico. When using a VPN connected to San Francisco I couldn't see the leaderboard. I disconnected from the Surfshark VPN... now the leaderboard shows.


Taha Abbasi

Hi John,

Thanks for testing and reporting this. Let me have the team review this.


Taha Abbasi

Status changed to: In UAT / Audit