Wallet & email ownership verification and authentication tool

Taha Abbasi

The users will open a link to connect their metamask wallet

  1. User will be able to prove wallet ownership via a gas-less signature after they connect their wallet
  2. Once the wallet is connected and authorized, only then the users will be able to add their email ID and hit “Send Code”
  3. Upon hitting the “Send Code” button, it will send a 6 digit numeric code to that email ID and ask user to “Enter Code”
  4. There will be a “Resend Code” button that should become active after 60 seconds. 5. We will show them a count-down timer of 60 seconds right after they hit “Send Code”. Once the user hits “Resend Code” repeat from Step 4.
  5. The user will need to enter the 6 digit numeric code received in their email in the link asking to “Enter Code”
  6. If the code matches with the wallet address, show a success message
  7. If the code entered is invalid, show an error message stating:”You have entered an 9. invalid code. Please enter the correct code or refresh this page to send a new code.”

Acceptance Criteria

  1. User should be able to go to a link to connect their metamask wallet
  2. Prove wallet ownership via a gas-less signature
  3. User should be able to add a valid email ID which should send a 6 digit OTP to their email ID
  4. User adds the OTP on the same link and gets a success validation message
  5. User’s wallet address along with their email ID after the successful validation will be stored in the collection

Feature suggestion for leaderboard: Connect address to an email. Flow:

  • User signs a message with metamask - proof address ownership
  • User receives a one time code on email - proof of email ownership
  • For unifyre we can just import the emails. This allows us to deprecate unifyre monitoring, also customers will have a way to communicate with their top holders

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