Multi-Token Leaderboard

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Taha Abbasi

Multi-Token Leaderboard & UniFyre Migration

With the launch of the Multi-Token Leaderboard, we can migrate Presales and FRMx Rewards eligibility to BSC with the multi-token leaderboard module.

Deployment of this feature also completes Phase 1 of the crucible deployment plan. Our initial plan is to move the presale and FRMx reward ecosystem to BSC. The completion of Phase 1 will be followed by the deployment of the Crucible on BSC through our Ferrum Network Gateway. Once we have completed the first two phases of the Crucible deployment plan, we will further amplify the reach and access to the presales and reward ecosystem. The entire Ferrum Ecosystem will become infinitely more accessible through a multi-faceted cross-chain strategy, all tying nicely into what will become the Ferrum Network mainnet.

Collaborative Initiatives

Projects can now truly gamify the experience of HODLing and acquiring more of their tokens by rewarding their community based on their interest and activity. With the Multi-Token Leaderboard, projects can collaborate and launch partnership-based leaderboard initiatives. For example, imagine NETVRK launching a sick initiative to promote UREEQA Sponsored event in the metaverse. Projects can limit attendee access to the VIP tier of this event to the winners of the URQA & NETVRK combined multi-token leaderboard. This unique multi-token leaderboard functionality gives true power to the collaborative effect of crypto and truly rewards community members who support multiple projects in the ecosystem.

Beta Testers


  1. Complete communityMemberRole testing first


Go to the login link provided for Multi-Token Leaderboard testing and test the following:

  1. Search for your BSC wallet and verify you can find it
  2. Verify holdings accuracy of the following BEP20 tokens
    • FRM token
    • FRMx token
  3. Verify accuracy of combined USD value of FRM and FRMx
    • Verify correct rank based on USD as compared to higher and lower rank
  4. Verify LevelUp calculations
    • FRM and FRMx LevelUp calculations
  5. Verify functionality of LevelUp Button
    • Should take you to ApeSwap and input the required amount of FRM or FRMx based on the button selected
  6. Provide feedback on usability and clarity of user flow and information presenation

How To Give Feedback: 📝

We would love to hear your feedback. Make sure to include these things for providing any bug reports and requests.

  1. Browser
  2. Screen size (Desktop, HD, Tablet, Mobile)
  3. Screen recording (if possible)
  4. Screenshot (if possible)

Report any feedback in a reply to this post. Please use screen recording tools such as Screen Cast-O-Matic or include screen shots with your reports and feedback. Please also include the details regarding your device and relevant information requested above.


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